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What is home nebuliser therapy: uses, benefits & guide to use

What is home nebuliser therapy: uses, benefits & guide to use

A nebuliser is a medical equipment used to turn medicine into a breathable mist that can be
inhaled through a mouthpiece. It is generally used by patients suffering from respiratory
disorders like Asthma. As the medicines go directly into the lungs through the air, Nebulisers are
faster and more effective than some oral medications.

Benefits of Nebuliser
1. Nebulisers provide faster relief
Since the medicine is administered directly into the lungs, nebulisers provide faster relief as
compared to oral medication. According to WebMD, Albuterol, a common bronchodilator used to
treat inflammation of the respiratory tract, starts working only 5 minutes after the nebuliser
treatment. Whereas, oral medicine would take 30 minutes for the same.
2. They are easy to use
Unlike inhalers, nebulisers do not require patients to coordinate their breathing with the
machine. A person can breathe normally while using a nebuliser. Due to the ease of use,
doctors usually recommend nebulisers to people experiencing difficulty in breathing.
3. They are convenient to carry
Gone are the days when nebulisers used to be big and bulky machines. Modern nebulisers are
compact and can be carried anywhere. Because of this, the treatment has become easily
accessible and convenient.

Who needs a Nebuliser?
Doctors recommend nebulisers to people suffering from the following diseases:
● Asthma
● Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
● Cystic fibrosis
● Bronchiolitis
It is also recommended for children suffering from bronchiolitis.

How to use a Nebuliser?
Although nebulisers are quite easy to use, it only absorbs 15-20% of the medicine. Hence, it
needs to be used properly to ensure the absorption of the medicine.
To use it properly, follow these steps:
● Handle the nebulizer with clean hands
● As per prescription, add the medicine to the medicine cup.
● Assemble the tubing and attach the mouthpiece with the machine
● Turn on the nebuliser and slowly take deep breaths to inhale the medicine.
You can also ask the doctor or the manufacturer about the process of setting up a nebuliser.

Medicines that can be used in a nebuliser
Nebulisers can turn liquid medicine into a mist. However, not every liquid medicine can be used
in them. Some medicines that can be used are bronchodilators, saline solutions and antibiotics.

How to clean a nebuliser
It is recommended to clean the nebuliser after every use. If not, it can get contaminated with
germs and bacterias. To clean it thoroughly, follow the steps below:
● Dissemble the washable parts like mouthpiece, tubing and medicine cup and wash them
carefully with soapy water.
● Air dry them on a clean towel
● To disinfect the nebuliser, soak the washable parts for an hour in the cleaning solution
provided by the doctor/manufacturer.
● Remove the parts from the solution and air dry them.
Taking into account all its benefits, it is also important to know that delivery of medicine is
slower in nebulisers as compared to an inhaler. In addition, maintaining and cleaning nebulisers
is crucial to avoid respiratory tract infections.
It’s always safest to follow your doctor’s advice on handling and cleaning the equipment to make
your nebuliser therapy effective.
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