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Smart Care® Sterile Swabs Antiseptic Prep Emergency Disinfectant Wipes First aid Pads Antibacterial Cleanser Portable for Home Outdoor (Medium) (100 Count)

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* EXCLUSIVE PREP PADS: Pack of 100 unique towelettes with a two-ply sponge that is particularly designed for cleansing. These can be used for multiple purposes such as sterilizing objects, disinfecting skin, cleaning wounds and more.
* QUICK DISINFECTANT: Our prep pads have been saturated with that makes them superior and very good antiseptic.
* SOFT AND SKIN-FRIENDLY: These swabs are extremely soft and good absorbent. They are latex-free and safe for all skin types.
* SMALL AND LIGHT: Our prep pads are non-woven and light. These are comparably better than any premium woven pad.
* SEALED PACKS: Each pad comes sealed in an air-tight, easy-to-open poly-lined pouch for quick and convenient use.

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