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Oxynox Oxygen Canister 9 LTR

Rs. 1,200.00
  • Portable Oxygen Cylinder/ Can with Inbuilt Mask
  • Oxynox have 9 Ltr Oxygen Enriched Air (Each Can)
  • Direct inhalation from nose
  • Made of Aluminium so light in weight & easy to carried anytime anywhere
  • Corrosion resistant,Seamless, no joints

Supplies Portable Aluminum Oxygen Canisters with the brand name of Oxynox, helps to give instant energy to boost your power anytime… anywhere. There are no side effects of breathing Oxygen Enriched Air in a normal person for short intervals. Inhalations from this canister works out as a instant energy booster for sports person, during workouts or at High Altitude where person feels breathless due to lack of oxygen. It helps to Relax & Refresh and Recharge yourself. Gas Content: 9ltr.@25°C (Appox.) Weight: 140Gms with gas ( Approx.) Net Volume: 498ml (Approx.)