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SMARTCARE SATURE METER Wall Mounted Height Measuring Scale for School & Clinics Measurement Tape (2 Metric) Stature Meter Measurement Tape (2 m)

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SMARTCARE SATURE METER Wall Mounted Height Measuring Scale 

The Smart Care Infantometer design as per CDS standard of theInfantometer makes the extremely precise measurement of babies and small children up to the age of two years possible. The large lying area with its softly curved edges places the baby quickly and safely in a recumbent position.


  • Sleek board acrylic base with one sliding side adjustable as per the length of baby.
  • Fold up mechanism, low weight, compact and easy to transport.
  • Simple and fast setup, no tools (screwdriver ) required.
  • No need for calibration, all parts are to be in a fixed position.
  • Long-lasting, easy to read in low light conditions.
  • Fixed head board and smoothly moving foot board. 
  • No sharp edges or corners for baby safety.
  • Durable, resistant to effects of excessive humidity and high temperature, water resistant and shock resistant.
  • Double-sided graduation for easy measurements.
  • Orientation of numerals on the measurement scale: parallel to the Board.
  • Dual scale for direct reading in cm and inch up to 91cm (36 inch).
  • Precise results of within less than 2 mm can be achieved stress free. 


Material of board: High-quality BPA-free Acrylic (PMMA) material.

Unit of measurement: Centimetre and Inch.

Measuring range: 46-91 cm / 18-36"

Graduations: 0.1cm I  mm

Precision accuracy: ± 0.1cm