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Smart Care Ultrasonic Nebuliser for Hospital Use WH2000

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* Silent Nebulizer for Hospital and Clinic purpose
* Continous runs for 1 Hour
* Precise Nebulization time setting
* Quick drain of sink
* Adjustable Nebulization and wind level
* Convenient handle
* Specially designed liquid filler is convenient for fill medicine during treatment
* Air distribution system is easy to dismount and clean
* Used in clinics, therapist's office or in the home
* Max nebulizing rate : > 2ml /min
* Medicine cup capacity: 50 ml
* Setting of Nebulization time :
Continuously or from 0 to 60 min for a time setting
* Product size (mm) : 250 x150 x 225mm
* Suggested Application :
Clinical, Nursing Home, Home Care

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